Movement with Mobilization

Movement with Mobilization takes normal joint mobilizations and levels them up. It is based on the concept that most injuries result in a minor positional fault leading to restrictions of normal movements and motions.

You can think of these positional faults as tracking problems when you go to move the injured joint. The more out of alignment a joint is…the more restricted and painful a movement will be.

These positional faults also mess with your proprioceptors (the receptors that help you’re your awareness in space) when a joint becomes compressed. Your body’s proprioceptors respond to stretch and if a side of a joint is compressed, the proprioceptors are essentially turned off creating more tracking issues.

Movement with mobilization in simplest terms is a technique that I use to correct minor joint positional faults by finding the best path through the joint that is pain free and provides normal functioning of the involved joint.

It is one of my favorite techniques for hips, knees, ankles, and feet although I do use it for all joints. Within 6-10 reps, a joints pain free mobility can be restored.

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