Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

MUSCLE ENERGY for Joints Mobilization and Muscle Reset

Muscle Energy is an osteopathic manual therapy technique that allows me to blend 3 key elements to diagnose structural dysfunction. These 3 elements are asymmetry of bony landmarks, altered range of motion and changes in tissue texture of the muscles, fascia, skin or ligament.

Armed with this information, I am able to identify the start of a motion restriction and have the client perform a light contraction of the dysfunctional muscle. This type of contraction is called an isometric contraction and it communicates with the neural system to change the tone in a muscle and restore the body back to normal function.

The name for the technique comes from the fact that the patient is using the energy (i.e., the isometric muscle contraction of their own muscles) to help relax and lengthen the muscles creating poor joint mechanics or altered movement patterns.

This is a gentle and very effective technique for low back, pelvis, sacral and neck issues.

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