Neural Mobilization

You might be surprised to learn that your nerves need to stretch a fair amount and that they can become restricted by soft tissues leading to not just tingling and numbness but also a sensation of tightness or a dull, achy feeling.

For example, often times, a tight hamstring is not a tight hamstring but rather neural tension in the sciatic nerve. This is why doing hamstring stretches never changes the tightness or possibly make things worse.

Our nerves stretch a tiny amount as they pass over each joint each joint. Using the sciatic nerve example from above, when you pull your ankle towards your shin, straighten your knee and flex your hip, you are stretching the sciatic nerve in addition to the hamstring and fascia of the back of the leg.

I address restricted nerves with 3 different types of mobilization. The first is performing specific movements targeted to stretch the restricted portion of the nerve, the next method I use is stretching the muscles that might be compressing the nerve with ART techniques, and finally the third way is utilizing the soft tissue tools to release tight tissues while gliding the nerve.

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