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Helping active people in Eugene recover from injury, move better, and stay fit without needing medications or surgery.

Getting you back better and faster to doing the activities you love




Is Your Active Lifestyle Limited by Pain?

  • STRUGGLING with Nagging Recurring Injuries?


  • Want to AVOID UNNECESSARY DRUGS, Injections, or Surgery?


    • DISAPPOINTED with Other Treatments?


    • Would like to experience expert one-on-one care that is focused on not just getting you out of pain but back to doing what you love.

    Happy Clients

    My Big Bold Promise to you

    MY BIG PROMISE to you is to empower you with a clear understanding of your injury, how to resolve it, tools and exercises you can use at home, and guidance along the way at every step.


    I believe that how well you move determines how well you feel, perform, and how durable you are from injuries.

    Furthermore, dysfunctional movements never occur in isolation and require treatment of the body as a system rather than just focusing on only the painful area. This approach helps my patients get over the re-injury cycle and return to their active lifestyles.

    Active Release technique for hip

    My Goal for you when you start Physical Therapy with me

    Experience Immediate Pain Relief
    Treat the Root Cause of Your Problem
    Achieve Long-lasting Results
    Understand How to Prevent Future Problems

    Getting started with me is fast and easy. Contact me by phone or click here.

    Robyn's Training & Certifications:

    • Licensed Physical Therapist
    • Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine
    • Certified Athletic Trainer
    • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
    • Certified Titleist Performance Institute for Golfers
    • Certified Graston Technique
    • Certified Fascial Abrasion Technique
    • Over 30 Years of Experience

    Conditions Robyn Treats:

    • Neck & Back Pain
    • Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain
    • Knee, Pelvis & Hip Problems
    • Foot & Ankle Injuries
    • Muscle Strains / Ligament Sprains
    • Overuse & Overtraining
    • Joint Pain & Arthritis
    • Running Injuries
    • Cycling Injuries
    • Golf Injuries


    Conveniently Located in Downtown Eugene

    Robyn Pester Physical Therapy

    1245 Pearl St. Suite 204

    Eugene, OR 97401


    Fax: 541-255-0909

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