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Robyn Pester Physical Therapy is a Mulligan (Movement with mobilization) provider. 

Movement with mobilization: takes normal joint mobilizations and levels them up. It is based on the concept that most injuries result in a minor positional fault leading to restrictions of normal movements and motions.

Joint mobilization Technique for the knee
Movement with mobilization for the knee
Movement with mobilization for the pelvis
movement with mobilization for ankle

How Movement with Mobilization Works:

Injuries result in joints having small  positional faults and tracking problems.  The more out of alignment a joint is…the more restricted and painful a movement will be.

These positional faults also mess with your proprioceptors (the receptors that help you’re your awareness in space) when a joint becomes compressed. Your body’s proprioceptors respond to stretch and if a side of a joint is compressed, the proprioceptors are essentially turned off creating more tracking issues.

Movement with mobilization in simplest terms is a technique that corrects minor joint positional faults by finding the best path through the joint that is pain free and provides normal functioning of the involved joint.

It is one of my favorite techniques for the pelvis, spine, hips, knees, and ankles. Within 6-10 reps, a joints pain free mobility can be restored.

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What body parts are treated?

MWM is used to treat the joints of the spine and  extremities. 

  • Joints can have mild alterations in their alignment leading to where and tear, pain, and decreased mobility. Movement with mobilization helps to restore alignment and centration of joints so that movement is painfree again 
  • Neck, Lowback, Pelvis, SI joint, Hip, Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, feet, and wrists/hands.
Neck pain muscle energy technique
Hip Pain and muscle energy technique manual therapy
Foot Pain and muscle energy technique manual therapy
Low back Pain and muscle energy technique manual therapy

Benefits of Movment with MobilizationTechnique:

MWM offers many benefits for anyone who has pain and other symptoms caused by soft tissue injuries either from sports, overuse, or trauma.

Benefits include:

  • Increase in mobility/flexibility
  • Mobilize restricted joints
  • Eliminates pain with movement
  • Improved proprioceptive feedback
  • Optimizes joint centration which helps keep joints healthy 

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