Rapid Release Technique

Rapid Release Technology (RRT) is the “go-to” tool for soft tissue problems. Quick and painless, it targets scar tissue and adhesions associated with the fascia, tendinitis, muscle tightness, and muscle spasms with a vibrational frequency specific for restoring normal muscle tone, extensibility, and tissue health.

Vibration vs Percussion Tools

A common question that I get asked is, how is the vibration from the Rapid Release Tool different than the tools that use percussion?

The key is that the rapid release tool creates 5 strokes for every 1 slower stroke of the percussion tools. This results in the vibration traveling deeper into the body than is possible with percussion.

Many of your proprioceptors in your body are designed to pay attention to vibration and the stimulus of these tiny receptors results in improved mobility, quality of movement as well as decreased pain.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational athlete, RRT will give you the jump start on your recovery by targeting the stiff areas in your muscles that lead to decreased performance and injury.

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